West Windsor Archers (based in the United Kingdom) was formed in 1970, with the actor David Niven as President. Vice-Presidents were the publishing company Hamish Hamilton set up by Jamie Hamilton and Don Stamp, a renowned figure in the world of archery. Unfortunately, they are all now deceased. Brian Vincent, now a lifetime Honorary member, was the driving force behind the formation of WWA.

The club was initially called New Windsor Archers, and functioned as a section of the New Windsor Community Association, shooting at their indoor premises and various outdoor sites. Eventually, wishing to have full control over club affairs, we left NWCA in 1977. The club was renamed West Windsor Archers and was based at Windsor Racecourse before moving more permanently to Dedworth Middle School.

The next few years were very successful, membership and increasing skill earned County selection for several members, and a place in the England team for a couple. The club also won the "Top Berkshire Club" trophy in 1982/3/4 and most of the larger team trophies in Southern England. Membership and performance declined during the end of the 80s and early 90s and increased to over 50 members and a thriving junior section during the mid-late 90s. 

WWA occasionally run a 'have-a-go' at the school. We unfortunately do not have the facilities or manpower to offer these sessions away from the school or for large regular groups visiting us. Please contact us for further details via our Contact page