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      Winter 2016-2017Chamionship Points         









































Paul 10     10 10 10 10         8 10 8 8 8   10     102
Archie   8   7 5 8 8   8       6 7 6   8 8   8 87
Juergen                 10     7 8 10 10 10 10   10 10 85
Martin 7     6 2 7 7 10 6       4 5 5 3 1 4   6 73
Margaret BB 6         6 6         5 5 6 4 4 7 3   5 57
Vicki   6     3       7     6   4   3 6   8 5 48
Keith 3 4   3 1 5 4 8 3     2 2 1 1 1     7 2 47
Allan         8             10 7   7 7         39
Steve H   10   4     5   4     3 2     4 1       33
Robin 4 3   2 1             1 3 2 1 1 2 5 1 3 29
Andy 5                           3 5 5 7     25
Stephen N   7     4       5     4   3             23
Mark 8 5                         2 2 3       20
Richard                               1 6 6   7 20
Vince       8 7                               15
Wayne       5 6                               11
Luke                               1 1 1   1 4
Joanne                               1         1
Gabor                                         0
John                                         0
Nina                                         0
Radu                                         0
  16-Nov 23-Nov 07-Dec 21-Dec 18-Jan 25-Jan 08-Feb 22-Feb 08-Mar



Margaret 8 8 10 8 10   7 7 5 63                      
Martin 7 7 8 10 8   6 6   52                      
Allan   10       D 8 8 7 33                      
Juergen           I 10 10 10 30                      
Paul 10         N     8 18                      
John           N     6 6                      
Robin   6       E       6                      
Richard           R   5   5                      
Luke               4   4                      
Andy           I       0                      
Archie           N       0                      
Gabor           N       0                      
Keith           R       0                      
Mark                   0                      
Nina                   0                      
Radu                   0                      
Steve H                   0                      
Vicki                   0                      
Stephen N                   0                      


(As updated at the AGM 2016)


1.    (a) The Club shall be known as West Windsor Archers.

(b) The Constitution and Rules of the Clubs shall not conflict in any way with the Constitution and rules of Archery GB, Archery GB Child Protection Policy, or World Archery.

(c) The object of the Club shall be the promotion and encouragement of archery as a sport for all archers from the age of 9.

2.    (a) The Club shall be affiliated to:-           

Archery GB

The Southern Counties Archery Society

The Berkshire Archery Association


(b) The address of the Club shall be that of the Hon. Secretary at the time, or any person acting on the Hon. Secretary’s behalf.

(c) The address of the Butts shall be Dedworth Middle School, Smiths Lane, Windsor or such other places as recorded in the Executive Committee Meeting minutes.

(d) Indoor shooting shall take place at such places as recorded in the Executive Committee Meeting minutes.

(e) Shooting and discipline shall comply at all times with Archery GB Rules of Shooting. Members of the Club should familiarise themselves with this publication.

(f) Every day the field is available shall be a Club Target Day, and every member shall submit scores for all rounds shot to the Records Officer who shall keep a record of scores for each shooting member and also a list of Club records for all rounds, in accordance with Archery GB Rules of Shooting.

3.    (a) There shall be 7 classes of membership:-

1. Adult Member                   5.Student Member

2. Junior Member                 6. Honorary Life Member

3. Juvenile Member             7. Associate Member

4. Non-Shooting Member

(b) Adult members shall be 18 years old or over.

(c) Junior Members shall be between the ages of 14 – 18.

(d) Juvenile Members shall be from the age of 9 to 13. Juvenile members shall become Junior members on their 14th birthday. A parent or responsible adult must be in attendance when juveniles are shooting, and accept responsibility for their conduct. An Archery GB member must also be present.

(e) Student Members shall be persons attending a full time educational establishment and in possession of a current NUS card.

(f) Anyone ceasing membership of the Club will not be re-admitted to membership without being proposed and seconded by current members and receiving a 2/3rds majority vote in favour from the Executive Committee.

4.     (a) The management of the Club shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee.

(b) The Executive Committee shall consist of:-

Chairman                                          Records Officer

Hon Secretary                                  Bowyer

Hon Treasurer                                  PRO

Competition Secretary                    Child Protection Officer

Junior Representative                     Social Secretary

No two members of the Executive Committee in the same family shall sign the Club cheque book or the Building Society account.

(c) The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt any Club Member onto the Committee for the purpose of carrying out specific duties.

(d) President and Vice President may be proposed and elected as thought necessary.

(e) Four members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

(f) Officers of the Executive Committee shall hold office for one year from the date of their election and shall be eligible for re-election at a General Meeting by simple majority, except for any initial interim period.

(g) The Executive Committee shall meet as often as may be deemed necessary, but not less than 4 times in one calendar year. The Chairman shall preside and shall have only the casting vote.

(h) The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any matter not covered by these rules, and may decide what penalty may be inflicted for any infringement, such penalty to include suspension or expulsion if deemed necessary.

(i) The Executive Committee shall formulate rules for the control and conduct of shooting as and when necessary and such rules shall be governed by the rules of Archery GB wherever they can be applied.

(j) Associate members, Juvenile members and Junior members shall not be eligible for election to the Executive Committee.


Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings.

5.    (a) Initial notice of an Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all Club Members at least 4 weeks before the date set for the Annual General Meeting. At least 1 week before the date of the Annual General Meeting                                                  the Hon. Secretary shall serve written notice to all members, together with the Agenda, Statement of Accounts, and proposals for amendment of the Constitution rules, and nominations for election to the Executive Committee.

(b) Proposals to be included in the Annual General Meeting agenda must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least two weeks before the date for an Annual General Meeting, in order to be included in the Agenda.

(c) Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting, when called for by the Executive committee or by one fifth of the members, shall be notified to all members, in writing, by the Hon. Secretary, at least two weeks before the date of the meeting. Agenda and proposals shall be included with this notification.

(d) At the Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting, all Members shall be allowed to vote except Juvenile Members  and Associate Members.  At such meetings the Club Chairman, whether presiding or not, shall have only a casting vote.

(e) At an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, a quorum shall be constituted by one third of the Club Members eligible to vote.

(f) At each Annual General Meeting, an Auditor shall be appointed, and shall audit the accounts of the Club for the current year. An Auditor may be a Club Member, but not a member of the Executive Committee.

(g) Only business notified for inclusion in the Agenda shall be decided at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

(h) The Constitution and Rules of the Club shall only be altered or amended at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

6.    (a) The Financial Year of the Club shall run from 1st September to 31st August.

(b) The Hon. Treasurer shall prepare a Statement of Accounts for the year for each Annual General Meeting that has been inspected by the Executive Committee and the appointed auditor.

7.    (a) All members as defined in clause 3(a), other than Honorary Members, shall pay an annual subscription to the Club at rates determined at each Annual General Meeting.

(b) Fees for Student members to be determined at each Annual General Meeting. In the event of a Student member not already being an Archery GB member the current affiliation fee will also be levied.

(c) The annual subscription shall be due on 1st September. Any member not having paid by the last day of that month will not be permitted to shoot until the full subscription has been paid.

(d) Club Members may invite other archers to shoot with the Club for a fee to be decided by the Executive Committee and for no more than three visits in any one year. Proof of Archery GB membership will be required.

(e) Club Members will be allowed to shoot Recurve bows, Compound bows, Longbows or Traditional bows.

(f) The use of crossbows will not be accepted in the Club.

(g) The use of all-carbon arrow shafts shall not be permitted on the Club field.

8.    (a) The Club Challenge Trophies shall be awarded to be held by the winner for a period of one year, and shall be returned in good order to the Chairman for engraving, by the date specified by the Executive Committee.

(b) Members shooting Compound bows will be able to shoot in Club competitions, but they will not be eligible to win Club Recurve Trophies, except Handicaps and those specified for Compound bows. Longbows and Traditional bows will be able to compete for Recurve Trophies.

(c) Traditional bows and Longbows will be shot with wooden arrows in competitions.

(d) Associate members shall be eligible to win awards in the Club competitions.

(e) The date of the Club Championships shall be decided by the Executive Committee when drawing up the programme for the year.

9.    (a) Beginners shall have completed a Beginners Course meeting the requirements of Archery GB.  On successful completion of the course Club membership may be offered. Before membership is offered the advice of the Coaches will be sought.

(b) Any person with previous archery experience applying for membership to the Club, and currently a member of another archery club, shall be invited to shoot with the Club before membership is offered.

10. (a) The Bowyer shall be responsible for the upkeep of the Club equipment, but all members shall be expected to look after Club property at all times.

(b) All members using equipment left at the Butts shall return the equipment to its storage place and replace all protective covering.

11. (a) Any decision to close the Club must be taken at a general meeting.  All equipment shall be sold and all monies left after settlement of debts and liabilities shall be disposed of as decided by the Club at a General Meeting.



                        With most of the Season now gone, it’s time to rattle the keyboard again and keep you all advised of events, past and future.

            Our intention to seek new members has been a great success. Paula, Dennis and myself have run several courses for Beginners, the final one finishing only very recently. As a result we have a most impressive increase in shooting members - now 48 in total -  and it has been good to see so many new and keen faces on the line at club evenings.

            A warm welcome to all of the following:-   George Barlow; Simon Barnes; Benjamin Bennett; Kevin and Len Brace; David Coppinger; Connor Huse; Peter and Peter (Jnr) Howells; Lyndsey Hill-Cottingham; Cliff James; Barbara and Phillip Mason; Alan Moore; Christopher Morris; Claudio and Alex Costacchini; James Taylor; Michael Twelftree; Sandra and Maximillian Balogac and Ray Bradford.     The list grows ever longer.

             Be advised that, with the passing of 01 September, annual subscriptions are now due and should be paid to Treasurer, Mary Pulford, a.s.a.p.  Anyone not paid up by 30 September will not be permitted to shoot until Mary has the loot.

            The Committee are aware that families may find multiple subs something of a financial shock. Also and perhaps more significantly, the late joining of beginners towards the end of the Club financial year, means that some feel aggrieved at being asked to pay subs again for a new season after only a few months. Details are clearly stated on enrolment forms but occasional  misunderstandings still occur.

            In an attempt to lessen the impact it has been decided that, ON REQUEST, subs may be paid in two instalments - £35 in September and £30 on February 1st . (Juniors £10 and £10). It is hoped that not too many members will seek this option, thereby increasing work for the Treasurer. I think the best method is to offer payment with two cheques, the second post-dated to February, but you can arrange the details with Mary.

            As in previous years, a Winter programme has been arranged, both Indoor and Outdoor, and teams have been entered into the Postal Portsmouth and Frostbite Leagues.

The Indoor dates are October 31; November 21 and 28; December 12; January 16 and 30;

February 20 and 27;  March 20 and 27. Shooting will need to commence at 10 a.m. to enable two details to complete the round and this presents a BIG problem.  There is only room for about ten archers on the line for each detail and there is likely to be a larger number who wish to shoot. Much discussion has taken place about how to fill these places but a fair system is difficult to construct. Another consideration is that we were warned last year that stray arrows were damaging the décor and this had to stop – archers need to be able to keep all arrows on the 60cm face. We would also wish to ensure that the higher-scoring members are available for league scores. That is the problem and for the first date it has been decided that only the FIRST 20 arrivals will shoot the 5 dozen arrows at 20 yards. Experience with timing and numbers may permit extra places on future dates but we will keep you advised.

            Venue is the main hall at New Windsor Community Association and cost will be £2.

Turn into Vale Road, opposite the Racecourse entrance, and then third right into Hanover Way. Entrance to NWCA car-park is about 100 yards on the right at a sharp bend.

            There is also an Open session, run by another club, at Windsor Leisure Pool on Fridays at 8.00 pm. commencing  Oct 15. Cost is £4 per person. Round is also a Portsmouth.

                                                                                                /Outdoor events


            Outdoor events will be Frostbite Rounds – 3 dozen at 30 metres – shot on the school field on the following dates :- Sundays, October 31; November 21 & 28; December 12;

January 16 & 30; February 20 & 27 and March 20 & 27. Starting time will be 1.30 for 2.00 pm. and, as we will be using the normal range, there will be no problem with numbers for these shoots – the more the merrier – and no cost.

            News now of another important date for your diaries. The AGM will be held on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd at 7.00p.m. in the School Hall (Opposite side of the playground to our shed). This is only a preliminary advice as official notification will be sent out soon to all members. Remember that if you wish to raise any matters at the meeting, written notice must be given to Secretary, Val Ward, in time for inclusion in the Agenda.

            Well now, having disposed of  upcoming events I’ll proceed – backwards! – to a review of the Summer season which is fast approaching its end. As mentioned above, the main feature has been the increasing number of new members. As technique and performance improve we shall soon have a really thriving club again. The Longbow is now much in evidence, with about half-a-dozen being used, plus a little dabbling with the Compound. Our more-able juniors have had a good season, too, winning medals at most events. Congratulations to them. I asked the Junior Rep. (Paula) to give me a few notes for this issue and she produced two pages so I’ll just add them at the end.

            The Summer weather has been rather variable but I can only recall a couple of cold and windy days and one really wet shirt to hinder the shooting. We have managed to complete all of the programme, albeit with a few changes of Round to suit the capability of the newer members, but we really must get back to shooting long-distance rounds soon.

A brief list of results is as follows:-

“Openers”                   1. Arch Clifton           2. Tom Elliott         3. Keith Rennie, (L/bow)

April H/cap.                1. John Argrave,(C)   2. Dennis Pulford    3. Keith Rennie, (L/bow)

May H/cap.                 1. Paula Golding        2. Stephanie Huse    3. Dennis Pulford

Field Shoot.  Gent.     1. Arch Clifton          2. Dennis Pulford     3. Henry Huse

                     Lady.     1. Stephanie Huse

                     L/bow.   1. Keith Rennie

                     Jnr.        1. Ben Huse               2. Tom Elliott           3. Ian Cox

“Lovegrove” FITA    1. Arch Clifton          2. Scott Newman      3. Stephanie Huse

June H/cap                 1. John Argrave, (C)  2. Dennis Pulford     3. Arch Clifton

July H/cap                 1. Mary Pulford         2. Robin Davis          3. Margaret Cox                

Eric&Ena:American  1. Arch Clifton          2. Tom Elliott           3. Paula Golding

August H/cap            1. Connor Huse         2.  Ray Elliott. (C)     3. Mary Pulford

September H/cap       1. Kate Barnes          2.  Mary Pulford        3. Simon Barnes

            Results of the Clout, Field and Target Championships will be announced at the Prizegiving evening which is currently in the planning stage. It’s no secret, though, that the usual list of suspects is involved (and I finally reduced the Pulford Horde by one).

            Our Open Invitation Shoot on May 3rd was badly affected by very wet weather in the morning and this caused several ‘no-shows’ but better weather later cheered everyone up a little and the event was completed successfully. Many thanks to all who assisted with catering and a rather small field-party. Particular thanks, also, to Mike Brown who wrote the software for his scoring and results program which worked well. The worst chore when clearing-up was using the metal-detector to locate all the metal markers which had been trampled into the mud.

                                                                                                  /Car parking


Car parking was also disrupted by the metal barriers which had been erected to screen off the building works in progress. Closure of our usual toilet meant a longer trek into the main school building with Scott appointed Honorary Keeper of the Key, a prestigious

job bringing relief to many!!

            Those same major building works, remodelling the whole interior of the Junior School, have lasted throughout the  Summer term and have only just finished. We shall no longer be able to keep (fairly) dry by shooting from the now non-existent bike-shed but it is a relief to be able to drive to the range instead of lugging all the gear by hand over the railings. I wonder if that was the reason for Dennis purchasing that fancy tackle-box with built-in wheels. The toilet was scheduled for conversion to a store but the architect was then persuaded  that it was a useful facility for field-hirings and should remain. Water supply is now restored but the cistern is very temperamental and a replacement is probably the only solution. May I just suggest (very discreetly) that solids disposal is not reliable at present.

            The Committee have been considering the deteriorating state of the shed (and the untidiness within it!). Enquiries suggest that it was built at the same time as the school so it is not surprising that parts of it are rotting away, prompting pupils to amuse themselves by kicking holes in the weakened walls. We (i.e. Dennis) have screwed on many patching panels but we are fighting a losing battle and I have now contacted the School regarding the provision of a new shed. Nothing can be finalised until we have official approval but our basic plan is for a wooden building on the existing concrete plinth, perhaps 2 feet longer than at present, with a large door in one side rather than at the end. Bosses can then be stored vertically in a rack at one end whilst racking and shelves provide better and larger storage facilities at the other. Initial responses seem favourable but school funds are limited and we will probably have to meet the estimated cost of c.£1500 from club funds.


            There are lots of new and ‘newish’ bows appearing on the shooting-line lately. Some on-line dealers are offering attractive prices for both bows and arrows so do shop around. I hadn’t previously thought of e-bay as a source but, seeing some of the purchases from there, it seems well worth considering but do be sure of suitability and condition of the goods.

            Several newer members have snapped-up the bows which were being disposed of from Stoke Mandeville hospital. Most were too strong for the patients and the monies that I raised for them will be used to buy equipment and bows of more suitable poundages.

            The old plastic bucket, in which ropes and pegs are carried, split recently and a shiny new one was bought.  Imagine the hilarity when a certain longbowman scored a direct hit on it. Holey inappropriate, I call it. Mentioning no names, it was the shorter of the longbow duo.

            Another indiscretion was the result of a certain lady being able to find only five arrows after her sighters. The search continued for number 6 throughout most of the evening but a few uncharitable remarks followed her discovery, on packing her kit away, that she had only taken the five arrows from the box.  Black mark!

            Much more pleasing was the result of Sandra (Barnes) turning up with large bags of Tesco doughnuts halfway through a shoot. Any fears about vanishing waistlines quickly disappeared – and so did the sugary morsels. Most remarkable of all was the effect on Margaret’s shooting. Grinning and licking her lips, her scores improved dramatically.

                                                                                               /Young Connor


            Young Connor Huse has been a regular visitor while brother Ben shoots. .Previously he amused himself with his toy cars but, having joined after the last course, his shooting has improved so quickly that he won the August Handicap. Well done.

            It was good to see Andy Whyte reappear briefly a few weeks ago. He only shot a few dozen arrows then but he is still going to continue shooting.  Two former members rejoining the Club are Cliff James and Lyndsey Hill-Cottingham , both welcome additions to the pool of experienced archers. John Argrave has continuing shoulder problems but keeps in touch and pops in from time to time between his windsurfing sessions.

            The colder weather finally appears to have reduced the number of bees flying around in the shed. They have been a nuisance for a long time but if there was a nest, it couldn’t be found – there could be a couple of beehives buried among all the boxes and tackle !.

            Many thanks, and congratulations, to Sandra and Trevor Barnes for the excellence of the barbecue which we all enjoyed between the two rounds of the Field Championships. You are both awarded The Noble Order of the Golden Pinny. Seriously though, it was smashing.

            Walks to and from the targets have been getting slower recently due to a competition to see who can find the most loose change which pupils have dropped into the grass. Current (or should that be Currency?) champion is Keith Rennie with a handsome haul of £1.07p in one afternoon. Can anyone beat that?

            Some of our ladies are becoming a little frisky of late. Whilst mentioning in conversation that I had long limbs but only a short riser – No, for my bow, silly! - a twinkling pair of eyes claimed to know a remedy.  Shhh!. Not in front of the children!

            Our Longbowpersons (very PC) have been very active during the season. Keith, in particular, is very high in the County rankings. He and Paula each claimed a County Record for a recent round and Robin took part in a County match but didn’t quite make the team.

            I have heard a wicked rumour that suggests those shooting compounds spend more time tinkering with and adjusting them than they do shooting them. Perhaps I should have copied the BBC and added ‘allegedly’. Can this be true?  We shall all be watching!

            After serving us well for many years, the wheel really did come off our trolley. Luckily, a smart new one has been obtained and those pneumatic tyres certainly run more easily than the originals. At only £14.99 we may even get a second one.

            The last few evenings have been quite autumnal and fairly cold. By the time you receive this issue we shall almost be ready to put the clocks back an hour and that will probably be the end of our evening sessions.

            That also appears to be the end of my scribbled jottings. As I’m told the supermarkets are already selling Christmas puddings, I’m tempted to be first to wish you all a Merry Xmas but will resist and say Cheerio for now.

                                    Let’s all have a good Winter shooting season.




1. The club rules of shooting will conform to the current rules of shooting of the GNAS.

2. No-one shall shoot whilst others are in front of the shooting line. No bow with an arrow on the string shall be pointed at anyone under any circumstance, whether drawn or not.

3. During shooting anyone seeing an unexpected hazard must shout the word “fast”, all archers will immediately stop and await further orders.

4. Any loss or damage to Club equipment shall be reported immediately to a member of the executive committee.

5. Members shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to Club equipment caused by their negligence or disobedience of the rules.

6. Members, before leaving the field, shall put away securely, all Club equipment they have been using.

7. Any archer not shooting shall remain at least 5 yards/metres behind the shooting line and keep as quiet as possible whilst others are shooting.

8. Archers shall not pass behind the target to retrieve arrows until their scores have been taken.

9. In competition shoots, shooting shall commence 15 minutes after the appointed time for assembly the appointed time of assembly in all cases a whistle will be sounded for assembly and again for commencement of shooting.

10. At an organised meeting, no practice is allowed on the ground, except that one end of 6 arrows may be shot as sighters before the beginning of each days shooting, but only after competitors have come under the judges orders at the assembly. Such sighters shall not be recorded.

11. Six arrows shall be shot at the end in one direction only. Each archer in turn shall shoot 3 arrows and when all on a target have shot, each shall shoot 3 more. At some Metric shoots, all 6 arrows are shot without a break.

12. Archers shall shoot at their respective targets in accordance with the prepared target lists.

13. Unless otherwise directed, number 3 on each target shall be the target captain and number 4 the lieutenant. The captain shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the score sheet. The litutenant will identify the arrows with the score called and will assist the captain in any way required.

14. Every archer’s arrows must be clearly and distinctly marked with his/her name or initials so that there may be no difficulty in identifying the owner.

15. If from any cause an archer is not prepared to shoot before all have shot, such an archer shall loose the benefit of that end.

16. It shall be the duty of the captain to see that competitors other than those actually on the shooting line shall take up their positions at least 5 yards/metres behind the shooting line and to ensure that the attention of archers engaged in shooting shall not be diverted by talking or otherwise.

17. Except by special permission of the captain, no spectator or friend shall mingle with the archers while shooting is in progress.

18. If an arrow touches two colours, it shall be scored as in that of the highest value. Should any dispute arise as to whether an arrow is touching the higher colour, the matter shall be decided by the target captain, subject to an appeal to the club captain or his deputy.

19. If any doubt or dispute shall arise on any point connected with the shooting, the matter shall be referred to the captain whose decision will be final.

20. Should the presence of the Club Captain be required for any purposes, the target captain or lieutenant shall remain at the target to give any information or assistance which the club captain may require.

21. Once archers have taken tJteir position on the shooting line, they shall receive no assistance or information by word or otherwise from anyone.

22. In the event of any archer shooting by inadvertence more than 6 arrows at an end, the archer shall be penalised by losing the value of his/her best arrow in the target and such an arrow shall not be measured for a gold prize.

23. If an archer persists in shooting more than 3 arrows consecutively, he/she may be disqualified by the club captain. If, for any reason, there is only one archer on a target, he/she shall after shooting his first 3 at an end, retire at least 5 yards/metres from the shooting line, pause and advance again to shoot the other 3 arrows.

b) If he/she breaks another’s arrow through his/her carelessness, pays for it in cash on he spot.

c) Thanks the Field Captain at the end of the shot.

d) Thanks the Target Scorer for their work.

24. An arrow shall not be deemed to have been shot if it fails to travel more than

3 metres from the shooting line. Await permission from the Field Captain before retrieval.

25. An arrow passing through the target shall not be scored.

26. If an arrow is seen to rebound from a target during some rounds, the archer shall, after shooting the last arrow of the end, retire two paces and hold the bow aloft to call an official.

27. Bow sights or similar devices which incorporate any form of lens or prism shall not be allowed except on compound bows.

28. Practice shooting following an organised shoot shall not take place until permission is given by the Club or Field Captain.

Please make yourself familiar with these rules

And remember that ANYONE seeing a hazard can make the “FAST” call.